Chasing Morality and Time Management

I have been wanting to sit down and post for days but I have had no time! Hence the time management piece of my title.  Just when I think I’ve got balance figured out, something throws me off and I spend all day grading, cleaning or working on Grad school.  Not exactly balanced.  So this is a lesson I still haven’t learned…

On morality…this seemed to be the theme of my life last week. How do you teach morality to children?  How do you teach right from wrong? Some people believe that you can use consequences to teach children, but I mostly think it just teaches them to not get caught next time. There are always exceptions and some consequences are more logical and lasting than others.  Some say that through talking and sharing life experiences you can teach them, and maybe that works for some.  But I have learned that it is example that best teaches morality.  Children want to be like the people they respect and trust. And that could be anybody, parents, teachers, or community members.  It is those people that must teach youth to know the difference between right from wrong.

This week I discussed morality with my Mom, who to this day, can’t take a sick day unless she is truly sick.  She claims that unless you are throwing up, bleeding, or have a temperature you have to do your job.  There was a long time that this was what I thought as well. (Due to my lack of time management, I now know I can be sick in the head, and need a mental health day…I am working on Mom with this.)  She is a truly good person and simply doesn’t want to tell a lie.

Another day a student told me that a previous teacher whispered test answers in her ear to ensure that all students would pass.  Imagine the moral conundrum that was placed on those children.  Children know about cheating at a young age and forced into by someone they trust…I can’t even imagine what some of those kids went through.  Whether or not this really happened, I’ll never know because A.) it allegedly occurred in another state and B.) the student lies. A lot. (case in point)

Lastly, in my week of morality lessons, many children watched helplessly as a parent in the school decided to verbally confront a child about some accused but unfounded bullying.  There were so many rules of morality broken with this one, too many to go into, but honestly – what was that Mom teaching her child? That to stop a bully, you be a bigger bully? That the bigger bully wins?  The child’s unabashed attitude may illustrate what she’s been taught.

So what have I learned…Think before you speak or act because someone might be learning from you.


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