Well part of my blog has to be about my food adventures or it wouldn’t really be a good representation of me and my life journey.  Today I made homemade croutons! So simple and yet I have never done it before.  Some day old bagels, olive oil, garlic, pepper  and 15 minutes and my salad just got a little fancier.  Considering I have cooked a layer cake that took hours and vegan cheese that took three days, it should be surprising that I have never done something as simple as croutons.  And honestly, now that I have, I am not sure I can ever go back to the ones you buy.  They were so fresh and delicious and SIMPLE.  Not everything I cook is simple so I really appreciate a recipe when it a) has less than five ingredients, b) takes less than 45 minutes to prepare, and c) I actually have all the ingredients!

I also made vegan cheese sauce this weekend for a pasta and peas dish.  My husband said it tasted like “bacon and cheese,” which to me is the greatest compliment since it has neither of those in it!  I am slowly converting him to being a vegetarian, not sure I’ll ever win the vegan battle, though I am not entirely there myself.  It is hard to change what you eat and being vegan takes a tremendous amount of planning and commitment.  That said, I do truly feel healthier when I eat vegan.

Maybe food is just on my mind. We watched “Killer At Large” (a wonderful documentary about the obesity epidemic) and I found myself re-committing to my vegan journey.  I want to learn how to eat this way now and be strong and confident in my choices so when I do have children I won’t have to second guess, I’ll already know what to do.  It’s amazing to me that we may actually outlive this generation of children due to diabetes and obesity related diseases.  I have to break the cycle in my family so my children don’t have to think about their weight the way I do mine.   I recently overheard a new mother ask another mother if she had “purchased stock in hotdogs?” Really?  Are children eating so many hotdogs that this statement is more truth than joke?  Even before my veggie days I only allowed myself one hotdog a year, in the summer.  After transitioning and doing the research I just couldn’t do it. With many varieties of hots dogs being more than 30% fat, injected with nitrates and filled with “meat by products” I had to say goodbye to the hotdog. And you know I really haven’t missed it. In face I think it has opened my eyes to many many other wonderful foods out there.

So the lesson of the day – be aware of what you eat and what you feed your family, and if you still want to eat it fine. Also don’t be afraid to try new foods.


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  1. krystal
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 02:39:00

    i enjoyed this blog. i would love to lean more about eating vegan, you have sparked my intrest.


    • somethingnew11
      Apr 11, 2010 @ 02:01:43

      Thank you for reading my blog! I have to get into a better habit about posting, maybe your comment will encourage me! I really started to get interested in eating Vegan after reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. So I’d definitely say read it if you haven’t already. After that I just started reading other Vegan blogs, checking out cookbooks from the library and trying new foods. That has been one of the biggest steps, the willingness to try new foods. And the challenge of making food that my husband would eat. There are some vegan foods that seem “weird” or “gross” but I often surprise myself and find I like these foods! Anyway – I am like most people “busy” but I am going to try and post more about my vegan journey! Cheers.


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