Maryland Veg Week

I am always surprised when people say they could NEVER be vegetarian or vegan.  It was hard for me at first but I have discovered that it isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s a process and one shouldn’t speak in absolute terms. Doing so can limit your experiences and cause you to miss out on something wonderful. Or in my case – wonderful food!  I swear my husband and I eat a more diverse and nutritionally rich diet as vegans than we ever did as meat eaters.  I am constantly trying new foods, new recipes and new restaurants.  In this way I have discovered Sticky Fingers Bakery, cooking classes with Veggie Cook Mimi Clark, and (FINALLY!)  a delicious way to prepare tofu!! Don’t get me wrong, I am not immune to the “ick factor.” Mochi, tempeh, and tofutti cream cheese are all products that I was very unsure of. All are now a regular part our diet.  Many foods that you probably already eat can be made vegan or can be made with a substitute.

Vegan is hard though and I am not perfect.  All I wanted today was a big waffle, and I completely ate one at Sunday brunch, with no knowledge of whether or not it was vegan.  I am not perfect but I am making an informed decision each time I make or eat a meal.  And you can too!!  April 24th – 30th is Maryland Veg week and I encourage you to check out their website and try it! Go Veg for a week and see for yourself!! The website has links to other helpful sites and lists the many people who are pledging to go Veg for a week.

I also enjoyed reading the Skinny Bitch book and The Kind Diet as well as watching Food Inc, No Impact Man, and Killer at Large on Netflix instant play.  They are all great resources if you are at all interested in learning more about the food you eat and it’s impact on your health and the environment.  There are books, websites, and blogs where you can find so much support and information.

I have learned that being vegetarian and striving to be vegan is what makes sense for me.  If I’d been held back by my fears than I would’ve never known that.  Try it and see if it makes sense for you too. Happy eating.


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