Chai Tea and Biscuits

I am obsessed with Chai Tea and Biscuits.  I love to sit with a Vanilla honey Chai Tea Latte, a cookie and just read, write or really just about anything.  I love the way it’s smooth aroma tickles my nose and the warmth seeps through the cup to my hands. Slowly warming my body with each sip.  The words of an addict? You bet, I drink it every day if I can.  Sometimes I sit at the window and imagine myself in some cottage in the countryside of England, a recluse writer or photographer.  Most people imagine a tropical island paradise, I know, I’m weird like that.

I feel like I’ve been escaping to my “English cottage” a lot lately.  At a ripe old age of 27 I feel like I’ve been making a lot of life decisions and just doing a lot of thinking all around.  Thinking about graduate school, families, teaching and how each day is filled with a series of choices. There is no handbook for life, no answers to the tough questions, only choices.  I am trying to live a conscious life with no regrets. But happiness is the right now. It’s the day to day life you lead. I need to make my every day great. I need to wake up and go to bed knowing I’ve lived my life, true to myself.  Are my “plans” totally different from what I ever imagined? Yes! Do I have regrets? Only one. (We’ll save that for another post.)

Despite all this thinking, the only thing I’ve really learned is that I need to visit England before I die . I want to close me eyes and breathe in the rich, sweet smell of tea. I will sit and sip bottomless cups of tea with biscuits that melt in my mouth.


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