Too many hobbies…

I have decided I have too many hobbies and not enough time or money to do them all. but in the pursuit of “finding myself” and learning new things I thought I would take a moment to talk about my hobbies.

1. Photography – I love to take pictures.  Mostly I enjoy photographing people, animals and landscapes. I think I could really get into photographing food as well.  Currently I have a Canon Powershot but I really want a Nikon DSLR.  I just got a FlipVideo for my birthday and I am trying to figure out possibilities this new toy will bring.  I think if I ever left teaching, I’d want to be a photographer.  I wish I had the ability to develop a freelance photography business. Maybe some day…

2. Music- playing music and listening to music and who knows, maybe writing music.  Growing up I played the clarinet, the bass clarinet, the sax, the bassoon and the violin.  Clarinet and violin in a close tie for favorite.  I love the jazzy mellow sound of the clarinet and it’s versatility, but the longing and emotion in a violin is intoxicating.  Listening to music, especially live, is heaven on earth.  The possibilities are endless. I can curl up with blues or jazz, rock out or sing along with a power ballad.  Music can pump you up, calm you down and soothe raw emotions.

3. Reading and Writing – Technically two hobbies, I know, but they go together.  When I read I am inspired to write, and often when I write I am inspired to read more.  The list of books I’d like to read is endless, therefore I only read books that I am thoroughly enjoying. If I get a few chapters in and really don’t like it,  I am not going to make myself finish.  Too many books, too little time. Enough said.   I’d like to write a collection of poems, a novel, spelling curriculum, and blogs. I like to journal about life and even the physical act of writing is calming to me.  I am embarrassed to admit that I enjoy practicing my cursive letters.  As a teacher I am among the few who still believe in teaching handwriting.

4. Cooking – Food and eating and cooking, it’s all good.  I collect cookbooks, cooking magazines, and kitchen gadgets.  I pour over new recipes and love to try new foods.  Food and family and celebrating all go together for me.  At times it’s junk food, but I am at a place now where I know that I subsist on junk food.  I have found the joy of fresh salads and fruits and eating vegan whenever possible.  The food I prepare at home I feel good about.

5. Teaching – Okay I know teaching is my job but in a way it’s a hobby too.  I think about teaching and being a teacher very near to all the time.  How I can do it better, what I am doing well, new ideas, classroom management, community building, character education…you get the idea.  There are conferences to attend, websites to visit, and books to read. It’s not just a job.

So that’s it for now, and as you can see each main hobby kind of contains smaller hobbies and each takes time and money.  Since one of my hobbies (teaching) also happens to be my job I do that every day. The others though I am still figuring out how to work into life.

What have I learned?  What I love and what makes me tick.  Now to learn how to incorporate the other hobbies into my day and how to make a million to fund it all….


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  1. Nina Miller
    Jun 02, 2010 @ 02:02:49


    I love this. I didn’t know you played all of those instruments. Or that you enjoy practicing your cursive letters which I can totally understand! My other favorite posting of your is the Looking Fabulous. the way you think and feel about your work is so wonderful. the world needs more teachers like you. Love you, Goodnight, Nina


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