The Funny Things that Kids Say

Well this post is going to have to be on going because being teacher I get new material often from both myself and other teachers. Probably most of it is just funny to me, so bear with me. And please feel free to comment and add funny things you’ve heard kids say.  Working with kids has taught me a lot, but mostly to not sweat the small stuff, don’t over think things and enjoy the simple things in life.

Today during dismissal I had only a few students left in the room. They were mostly sitting in small groups of two and three talking amongst themselves. One boy said to his friend “Hey, is your hand smaller than your face?” and without hesitation the boy placed his hand over his face to check!! I don’t know about you, but this is hilarious to me!!

Mondays are hard on everyone and students are no exception.  Upon arriving at school one of my students was in tears.  When questioned by another staff member as to what was wrong, she replied “my head hurts.” The staff member asked, “How long has it hurt?” And she replied, “Since I hit it.”  Of course that is when it started hurting, how foolish of me to have asked.

Part of being a great teacher is building a classroom community.  I want my students to work hard, work together, and develop personal responsibility and independence.  Each year students come and go. For the most part a class stays consistent but a few move away and few arrive new each year. I received a new fourth grader about half way through the year and he was having a little trouble settling in.  It wasn’t entirely his fault. He simply wasn’t there for that first couple of weeks when you learn the rules and routines.  During his second week things seemed to be getting more settled and students were helping him learn the ropes.  One afternoon as we sat waiting for the buses to be called, the new student “Dan” started whining about the fairness of an activity we were doing. I turned around to say something but before I could another veteran student said to him “Dude, don’t whine. It only makes it worse.” I couldn’t have put it better.  The student stopped whining and we all got back to our game.

While working in a preschool in Vermont I learned that some of my students were learning their colors by relating them to other things in their life.  Green was “John Deer Green” and red was “Elmo Red”.  Whatever works!

Another aspect of teaching is the moments of insight we get from children. This one isn’t as much about what students say, as what they do. One student had a real problem. Her pants pocket was bulging with Hersey kiss candy and she figured she couldn’t run and play without losing them.  Much to her delight, she was then awarded a large round sticker for good behavior, which served nicely as a seal to keep those candies in her pocket.  Many adults would spend time hunting for a baggie or simply choose not to run and play.

That’s it for now, but I’m sure there will be more to come!


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  1. Nina Miller
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 02:26:33

    Ok I’ll remember that. “Dude, don’t whine, it only makes it worse. ” great advice!


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