A Creature of Habit

I am a teacher and I have summers “off” from my “day job.” I use those terms loosely though because with my three summer continuing ed classes, my reading list and planning for next year, I am in no way completly off. And most teachers that I know take a lot of work home with them and often the summer is not any different. That said, I should be thrilled to have the summers off and really I am, but also each year I find the first few weeks of summer to be really hard for me. I miss the rountine, the challenge, the pupose and really the school community. Living far away from family, my coworkers have filled the role of both friends and family and I miss seeing them each day.

By the time I break out of this self diagnosed “funk,” I’ll be two weeks into summer!! This summer I am particularly bummed because I can’t find summer work. So I’ve got nothing but time on my hands but no cash coming in to fund summer fun.

That said I’ll probably fill my time with all the above mentioned things. Reading, planning and writing. And time at the pool. I will make a summer ” routine.” I am not really complaining, honest! Just making observations and learning as a I go.

I am a creature of habit.


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