An update…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! Especially with my blackberry app, I should be doing this more often.  Well it’s summer time and the days get away from me. Not that I’m all that busy, but things are cropping up here and there to occupy my time.

After we got back from our Vermont vacation, I was a little down.  It’s a funny thing trying to reconcile career and family.  I have an awesome job here and I work with amazing people and find it very fulfilling, but all my family is in Vermont.  I miss them often and I miss Vermont.  A friend told me that I should try to think of VT as a “state of mind” rather than just a place, so that way I could take it with me wherever I go.  I think this was good advice so I’m trying to hold onto that.

My summer has since been filled with summer professional development, (geometry, physics, and algebra) subbing for a friends summer school job, reading both for school and for pleasure, planning, scrapbooking,farmers markets and trying to stay active and healthy in this insane Maryland heat.  Anyone who tries to tell you that teachers “don’t work” in the summer, clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. As you can see many of the above mentioned activities have to do with school and teaching.

I am trying this summer to learn to enjoy life and live in the moment.  To keep my VT “state of mind” in this metropolitan world I live in.

In fact – I am off to the farmers market now and then to a co-workers house for a planning session!



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  1. Belle
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 03:48:15

    I know how you feel. I love where we live now but I miss home so much. The south is so different from New England! I like your idea of keeping VT as a state of mind. I try to do that with Massachusetts. I decorate my house with beachy decor cause it reminds me of the coast and we have pictures we’ve taken while up there all over the walls. It’s nice to have a piece of home with me in a place that is so different from home.


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