I’ve been a little obsessed with noodles lately.  I just love the “al-dente” bite of a perfectly cooked noodle and the versatility of pasta as a food. So tonight was Vegan Tofu Pad Thai and it was delicious and filling.  I cut corners and used Tasty Bites Simmer Sauce but added my own combo of veggies and extras. For vegans a “quick dinner” can sometimes be tricky so when you want to get dinner fast these sauces are great.

Vegan Pad Thai

Today I went to Mimi Clark’s Grains and Beans cooking class. It’s a bit of a drive for me but I always leave with new information, coupons and a full belly so it’s worth it.  We sampled more food than I can list but I am especially looking forward to making the Molten Lave Black Bean Brownies, Lentil Walnut Pate, and the Two-Grain Sesame Salad.  Yummmmm….

On the weight loss front, Sunday’s are my weigh-in day and I am three pounds closer to my 50 pound goal.  Making my grand total lost 17 pounds so far!! With only 33 pounds to go, I am not feeling so overwhelmed.  But I am trying to look at smaller goals. So I am taking it 10 pounds at a time. I really wanted to join a gym but with out budget being so tight it’s probably not going to happen. I am asking the universe for the ability to do it on my own or to bring a free trainer into my life!


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