Beans and Greens…

I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot. Vegans need to eat their “beans and greens” to get calcium and protein. So I’ve been working on being more purposeful about this.  And today for lunch I made a delicious vegan feast. On my plate was sauteed spinach with shallots, garlic, raisins, and oranges. I have also heard it’s better to eat citrus with greens to aid in absorption of the nutrients. Hence the oranges.  Next was a warm multigrain flat bread with hummus, Texas caviar, and cucumber slices.  I wish I could eat lie this for every lunch because it was so good and a power house of nutrition.

Beans and Greens

Dinner was good but nothing fancy and not really worth posting. I made Whole Wheat Rigatoni and I tossed in pan fried rounds of field roast Italian sausage with the sauce. YUM.  Green beans on the side and it was dinner. Not fancy but tasty just the same.


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