Sunday Cooking

On Sunday my husband likes to watch football all afternoon and I spend all afternoon in the kitchen and it works out pretty good.  I’m not a huge fan of football and he’s not a huge fan of cooking so it’s a day for us to each do our own thing.

I started the day with a hearty bowl of dried fruit and nut oatmeal. It’s a simple meal but oh so delicious. Not much to look at so no photo of that. For lunch I had leftover Sweet Potato Lasagna from the Engine2Diet – forgot to photograph that as well! But this afternoon I made a couple of new things!

Thumbprint cookies from VegTimes

These came out REALLY yummy! I had trouble keeping them a consistent size though. I should have used a melon baller – next time.

Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Candies

These are by no means health food. They are decadent and delicious but definitely a candy.

Lentil Moroccan Stew over Roasted Vegetables

This recipe was in the September 2010 issue of VegTimes. I served it over roasted potatoes, butternut squash, and onions.  The biscuit is from Vegan with a Vengeance. It was hearty and filling and perfect for a pre-fall day.


DCVegFest 2010

So my husband and I went to DCVegFest and had a great time eating vegan donuts, samosas, and getting veg dog treats for our pup! We saw Miss DC speak about her choice to eat vegetarian, Robert Cheeke speak about being a vegan body builder and Tal Ronnen, the conscious cook, do a cooking demonstration with Mimi Clark.  It was a free event and a beautiful day. On the weight loss front – no loss this week. Probably due to the donuts, and chipotle stop at Dupont. They have a “Garden Blend” burrito that is so yummy!

Vegan KickStart

Stayed on the vegan course all day today!! I didn’t really follow the kickstart menu today though because I had already done my grocery shopping before I got the menu but stayed vegan anyway!

For breakfast I ate my Vegan Breakfast Sandwich! After looking for a recipe online I decided to just come up with my own! The photo isn’t great – I’m still learning how to photograph food.  It’s an english muffin, vegan sausage, Daiya Cheddar Cheese and marinated tofu. I attribute my success to the tofu prep.  I sliced it into thin rectangle “cutlets” and dry fried it. Then soaked it in a better than broth, pepper, turmeric, oregano, and nutritional yeast bath.  Then I pan-fried it again with a little PAM cooking spray. I prepared the whole block of tofu so I could eat it for a couple of days.  It was SO good!! And my husband ate it too – that’s always the biggest complement, since he is a “meatatarian”…in his words. He did put real cheese on it that he got from the farmers market, he’s not really ready to go vegan.

I had leftover tempeh chili for lunch with some mini clementines and a slice of my delicious vegan cake. It can be hard to stick to my vegan diet at school. There is always food around and I also get pretty hungry from being on my feet all day. So it’s important to bring plenty of healthy vegan food.

And dinner was a vegan quesadilla with salsa and Tofutti sour cream.

The real goal is not just about being Vegan.  I want to lose 50 pounds by next August. It’s a lofty goal but needs to be done so I can be at a healthy weight before we decide to start a family. I started in July and I’m down 15 pounds!! Yippee! 35 pounds to go! So it’s for my health, for the planet and for the animals.

Title changes…

So I added a bit to my title…I realized that every time I really felt passionate about blogging it was about food! Then I didn’t think it would “fit” my blog so I wouldn’t write anything. Then I’d go days or months without writing anything!! So I figured if I adjusted the title to include more food related posts than I wouldn’t feel weird about writing about food a lot and maybe this will help me blog more. My husband says it works and I trust his opinion!

Anyway – the Vegan kickstart began today and I kicked it off by making vegan breakfast sandwiches and Raspberry Blackout cake! Both turned out amazing and make me realize how very much I love to cook! See pictures of the cake below…

21-day Vegan Kickstart

Starting Monday I’ll be starting the 21-day Vegan Kickstart. If you’re at all interested in eating vegan or trying to eat more plant based meals check it out. They have menus and grocery lists and lots of information and links.  As I said in my previous posted I am still only 99% vegan. I get tripped up when I go out with my husband or friends. ( Frozen treats are definitely a downfall.) I figure this kickstart will help me commit!!

I’m excited about the meal plans because I think planning and organization are the KEY to staying vegan.  Especially if you work a full time job and have a family and possible a life on top of that! Also I think it gives you a sense of support. Most people I talk to don’t or can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would want to be vegan. I am not exactly the activist type either and don’t really talk about it unless people ask me. But even then most people don’t like what they hear and get defensive. So anyone the kickstart website can give you that since of community and support.

So check it out! And vegfest is coming up in DC, another chance to meet like-minded people. Can’t wait!

Part-time Vegan

My husband says I should call myself a “part-time” vegan, but I think “almost” or “mostly” vegan would be a better fit.  I am really working hard to be 100% vegan but I’m probably only at 85% now.  I eat vegan at home 99% of the time, occasionally ice cream sneaks in!  But outside the comfort of my home and my groceries I find it much harder.

It’s easy to stick to being vegetarian out there in the big bad world, but being vegan is another story.    I have to plan for my food needs throughout the day…which is getting easier for me. I have found very mobile vegan snacks.  The inconvenience of it is a struggle, but worth it for me because the bottom line is that I feel better when I eat vegan. And so I keep learning about the lifestyle.

I think if I could meet other successful, healthy vegans and vegan families it would really help. Just to have someone to share food ideas with.  I read about them, so I know they exist…other vegans I mean.  I’d like to find a doctor that’s supportive of the lifestyle as well.

There are people in my life that are supportive, but most people just don’t understand.  My husband is very supportive but doesn’t feel the same desire to be vegan. He eats vegan at home but chooses other foods when out. I worry about the future too. Like when I have kids…will they be vegan? vegetarian? What will happen when they leave the house for school and birthday parties and just life in general! I think I’m getting ahead of myself…

Flame Free Friday

On one of my friends blogs she posts “Flame Free Friday Confessions”. “Basically she confesses anything that otherwise would be flammable on any other day (by flammable I mean laughing at and mockery of the person who posted it). So here are mine for your reading pleasure. Also feel free to post your own in the comments section so I won’t feel so lonely baring my soul.

I have gotten a bit behind on my confessions. I have been trying to keep notes on my blackberry when I think of things but I still haven’t gotten it to be a habit. So here is what I have for today!

1. Cicada bugs creep me out.  They make a crazy sound in the heat of summer and they frequently drop from the sky! AND they are huge! The sound is loud and eerie. I know they are virtually harmless to humans, so it’s an irrational fear.  It also creeps me out that in some countries they eat them! I don’t eat meat to begin with, but I feel confident that I would not want to eat a cicada bug.

2. I’m afraid of the dark.  I think it’s because I have an active imagination, I watch too much crime drama shows, and when I dream it’s typically VERY detailed and real.  I think it’s gotten worse since I moved to the city. When I lived in Vermont the darkness was DARK. No city lights, just endless darkness and a star speckled sky. I was used to it. But after living in the city for a few years and getting used to street lights, light from the metro, and city lights – the darkness feels somehow more threatening.  I have gotten more jumpy and nervous at night. I tense up when I see funny shadows or hear sounds that I can’t place. Ridiculous really – another irrational fear.

Alright – that’s it for now.

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